Face Inks Pigments Diluter
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Face Inks Pigments Diluter

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Face Inks Pigments Diluter
.05 Oz Bottle

Save Your Pigments that Have Thickened

No need to throw away your pigment when it begins to thicken prior  to the expiration date.   A drop or two of our new Diluter will extend the life of your pigments.

Create a Smoky Eyeliner

Also, the Diluter allows you to be more creative, with ease, with all of your procedures.  It can be added to your pigment to create a smoky eyeliner.  Using your color full strength between the top lashes and then add the Diluter for the lid on top and bottom will lend a soft and smoky look to your healed result.

Create an Ombre Lip

The Ombre Lip starts out deeper in color in the perimeter area and fades as the color heads toward the interior and this effect is done on the top lip as well as the bottom lip.  Once the deeper color is complete, add the Diluter to the pigment formula to blend into the interior for a gorgeous ombre effect.

Create a Diffused Perimeter for Areola

Most natural areolas are diffused at the edge of the perimeter.  Once the interior color has been established, add some Diluter to the formula to soften and diffuse the edges.  It lends a beautiful, natural and realistic effect.

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