Elevate your skill with the new Harmony ™Microblade

Create the perfect roots, tips and stray hairs and strokes that heal true to placement

Microblading Blades


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14 Curved MicroBlad Harmony 19 Shader Harmony™ Microblade 9 Classic 10 Pack
Harmony™ Microblade 14 Curved 10 PackHarmony™ Microblade 19 Shader 10 PackHarmony™ Microblade 9 Classic 10 Pack

This versatile microblade delivers the perfect amount of line weight for crisp, clean strokes.

Create bolder combo brows with added depth. 

This is an advanced tool, recommended for experienced artists.

The pointed tip and 9 needles makes precise hair stroke work a breeze.




Harmony U Needle Microblade Harmony Microblade practice sheets Harmony Microblade Sample Pack
Harmony™ Microblade U Needle 10 PackHarmony™ Practice PadHarmony Microblades Sampler Pack - 8 Pack

Create natural, flowing curved hair strokes with ease.

These double-sided practice pads are great for artists of any skill level.

The sampler pack is a great choice for artists that are new to Harmony and want to try them all.




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